deep delight, non-anxious presence, empowering care

Mostly, what it comes down to is this: I love birth.

At every birth I attend, I bring with me the knowledge from my own four unique birth experiences, the information gained from my training, and the wisdom gathered from all of the previous births I have been present at.  

I do my best to offer what is needed during birth—at times I am hands-on and other times I quietly take on a behind the scenes role. I aim to suppport birthers in making informed decisions that lead them to feeling a sense of agency in their births.  

What I bring as a doula:

  • informed and intuitive care that senses what a situation calls for;

  • a non-anxious presence that attends and empowers;

  • deep delight in walking with you in the birthing experience.

My Commitments as a Doula

Before Labour I Will:

  • Schedule two prenatal meetings visits during which we will discuss your birth, and hopes, fears and questions you may have. We will make a plan for your birth and discuss comfort measures and common procedures.

  • Emphasize the importance of making informed decisions that help you feel empowered during the birthing process. I will provide educational articles as needed and talk with you about asking good questions.

  • Not give medical advice but will encourage you to discuss your questions with your care provider.

  • Be on call for you 24/7 from two weeks before your guess date until your baby is born.

During Labour I Will:

  • Arrive at your home or hospital within approximately one hour after you request my support.

  • Provide physical and emotional support for you and your partner (if any) during your birthing time.

  • Be a non-anxious presence in your birth space, reassuring you of your strength and using various comfort measures to help during labour.

  • Support you in the plans you have made for your birth and encourage you to ask questions that will lead you to make informed decisions.

Following Birth I Will:

  • Stay with you up to two hours after your baby is born. I will help you get settled at home or in the hospital, prepare food for you, and help you initialize breastfeeding if desired. If we’re at home I will tidy up and throw a load of laundry in.

  • Check-in with you via text over the next couple of days and will come and see you for one post-partum visit during the first week after your child’s birth. At this meeting I will listen to how the first days have been for you, sit with you through a feeding, and pass on any resources or referrals that you might find helpful.

The fee for doula care is $1100