Some Very Kind Words

As our doula, Aimee was formative in our birthing process. Her guidance and calm assurance helped me to feel confident and positive in my and my husband’s strength; comfortable to embrace the difficulties and indignities of the labour process without shame or anxiety; and individually and thoughtfully cared for as a woman and a mother.

When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to be pro-active about having a positive pregnancy and labour.  My mother had two traumatic births, and I had some anxiety about complications, being in control, and feeling supported by my husband as we deal with high stress situations in very different ways.  We were certain we wanted Aimee as our doula-- we had known her for many years, and knew that her character would be a grounding force for the labour. Aimee is gifted at being gentle yet direct and I knew my husband would take direction from her well during the throes of labour. She was a force of calm in what for us was such an unknown situation, helping to measure contractions and deciding when to call the midwife. She did not take over but gently guided Jordan how to massage my back and when to give me encouragement and nourishment. Aimee gently explained to my mother the various steps that were going on, and made her feel included yet did not allow her anxious energy to interfere.  

Finally, Aimee is trustworthy, straightforward and strong. She is the type of person who seeks to understand and advocate for your needs. She is very confirming, and makes you feel like you are a better person than you think you are. We were fortunate to have a very positive home birth with little anxiety and stress. Aimee ensured we were comfortable with a clean space and snacks, and followed up the birth with us a few days later and helped answer and assure our concerns about breastfeeding and the millions of other questions we had as new parents. Aimee loves birth, and she will sit with you and support you in your joys and struggle. I would fully recommend her as a worthwhile investment in your confidence, comfort and sanity during the birthing process- it was a real joy to share the miracle of birth with her.

Kristen - mother of Gloria Joan