A few kind words...

"We met with Aimee before the birth and shared with her our expectations, our hopes around what we wanted photographed, and she captured everything perfectly: a beautiful story of photographs. Her presence with us was so warm and attentive, yet quiet and respectful. When our son came, I never noticed her snapping photos, never once was she intrusive. She just gently moved about, capturing my baby's cheeks, our glowing faces, his soft, sweet self, our joy. Her passion for birth is not only evidenced by her incredible photographs, but also by the honour, kindness, and sensitivity she displays throughout the process. Her presence is a complete gift."


"Aimee was the perfect person to have with us in the delivery room, taking pictures and lending support when needed. She has such a gentle and intuitive way about her. When we received our photos, we were overwhelmed with joy and surprise — joy, because the photos were beautiful and surprise, because we were hardly aware that she took the photos in the first place. Our midwife was equally impressed with Aimee, and was eager to work with her in the future."


"I used to always tease my friends who would use doulas that it was such a hippy thing to do. However, with our 2nd child, my wife expressed a lot of interest in working with a doula to help coach us through the process. We met with Aimee and knew she would be a great fit. Our process with her was amazing. Aimee was able to coach us through my wife's VBAC and really was an amazing encourager. I often tell my friends that I wouldn’t even consider trying the labour process now without a doula."